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CLB’s people make a difference. In their roles at work and to the people our solutions benefit. From software development to on-the-job training, we pull together to do all we can to support the best possible quality of care. And we really need your talent for that. Do you want to join us as we help build a better future for the care sector?


De Rijp

Research & Development

Every day, our innovative technicians work their magic, developing and expanding our care technologies’ hardware and (embedded) software.



Our engineers are tasked with ensuring our products keep up with the rapid pace of software and hardware development. Taking the initiative to make it all work and rigorously testing to assure uncompromised quality.


To tightly control the quality of our care solutions, we manufacture everything ourselves in-house. Our production team are responsible for assembling our products with uncompromising precision.




Demand on the care sector is increasing and our solutions are developing at lightning speed. Our commercial team performs a vital role getting this message out to customers and ensuring they remain satisfied with our service, from the first contact to looking after them as valued members of our customer family.

Coaching & Advice

The connection between care and technology is getting closer all the time. Our Coaching & Advice team understands both sides of the story and connects with customers to pass on this knowledge. This way, customers properly understand our solutions and how to use them to best effect.


Service & Support

We take pride in looking after our customers, proactively making sure our solutions are working properly in every way. So the care organisations we serve can fully focus on looking after their patients.



 Multiple locations

Human Resources

Happy, engaged employees are the key to our success. Our HR team builds and maintains the bond between people and organisation, ensuring our internal work processes allow everyone to feel heard and comfortable in their roles. Working at CLB should feel like coming home. This is where that begins.

Administration & Finance

From legal processes to record keeping, checking and analysing figures, the Administration & Finance team is responsible for monitoring, managing and keeping track of our financial health.


Raising brand awareness and enthusiasm among our customers, partners and colleagues. Content creation, event organisation and launching new services. This is the heart of our messaging and communications activities.


Our driving force that spots new opportunities and confidently makes decisions. Leading by example, comfortably connecting and eagerly inspiring. Contributing to growth at individual, team and organisational level.

Internships & Traineeships

CLB offers opportunities for development, with all the room your talent needs to grow. We challenge you to learn, realise your ideas and bring out the best in yourself.



 Multiple locations


Our people on the ground in the various countries we serve are there to spot new opportunities and respond to latest developments. Helping CLB grow internationally, today and tomorrow.