Research & Development

At CLB BV in De Rijp, you’ll be making the most of tomorrow’s technology today, as you devise, develop and optimise our software and hardware products. Our work processes, which are defined by various (medical) quality standards, are carried out via multiple Scrum teams, which enables us to innovate at a very rapid pace! Will you be a part of helping us build tomorrow’s care solutions?

Work with the latest technologies

The highly diverse range of product groups we work with calls for a range of expertise. You’ll be constantly involved with the latest technologies within hardware and (embedded) software development.

Make a tangible difference

It’s your innovative power that takes our care technology to the next level. Seize your opportunity to make a game-changing contribution to improving healthcare.

Work in an agile (home) environment

Be part of our dynamic working environment, through physical team meetings in our office or virtually from your own home. We’re fully geared to hybrid working, so the choice is yours!

Stay in good health

Good health is naturally important to us. That’s why we provide fresh fruit every day, a personal exercise trainer, height-adjustable desks and even balance-ball seating. Our light and bright working environment is designed to inspire!

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Vacancies Research & Development

Location: De Rijp

Currently, there are no vacancies in R&D.