Over 40 years’ experience

CLB is a family business which has been looking after its customers through taking end-to-end responsibility for innovative care solutions for over 40 years. Our expertise, products and services are found in the care of the disabled, the elderly and the mentally ill, as well as in hospitals and incarceration institutions.

Our story


CLB founded by Cornelis Louis Berghuijs

<span class="timelineyear">1981</span><h4 class="timelinetitle">CLB founded by Cornelis Louis Berghuijs</h4>

Its first product was Unicare®, a ground-breaking complete solution for centralising (care) system communication.


First office in De Rijp

<span class="timelineyear">1989</span><h4 class="timelinetitle">First office in De Rijp</h4>

CLB moved in to its first real offices in De Rijp, as it started to focus on the care and cure markets.


Second office in Raamsdonksveer

<span class="timelineyear">2001</span><h4 class="timelinetitle">Second office in Raamsdonksveer</h4>

Following a successful acquisition, CLB also established itself in the Raamsdonksveer location in 2001.


Niels de Bruin becomes General Director and majority shareholder

<span class="timelineyear">2003</span><h4 class="timelinetitle">Niels de Bruin becomes General Director and majority shareholder</h4>

Having joined CLB in 1993 as a graduate, in 2003 Niels de Bruin officially took over company founder Cor Berghuijs’s position as General Director and majority shareholder.


Foundations laid for new premises in De Rijp

<span class="timelineyear">2011</span><h4 class="timelinetitle">Foundations laid for new premises in De Rijp</h4>

After a few years, our first office in De Rijp became too small for the rapidly growing number of colleagues. So, it was time for a


De Rijp reopening & specialisation

<span class="timelineyear">2012</span><h4 class="timelinetitle">De Rijp reopening & specialisation</h4>

Upon reopening the De Rijp premises, it was announced that operations here from now on would mainly focus on R&D, production and international sales, under the name CLB bv.*


Raamsdonksveer specialisation

<span class="timelineyear">2012</span><h4 class="timelinetitle">Raamsdonksveer specialisation</h4>

Operations at the Raamsdonksveer location were, in turn, also adjusted to mainly focus on the important task of system integration, under the name CLB Integrated Solutions.*

Present day

Today, CLB is an internationally operating family business with over 130 employees, and with clients and partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Spain, Curacao and the USA.

* Both businesses are 100% subsidiaries of CLB Holding B.V.

By closely watching and listening to the market, our partners, our end users and the people they care for, we keep ourselves in a position whereby we proactively continue to innovate. So our products and services can continue to answer, and transcend, important care issues.

What is our client’s situation? And where do they want to get to? What is the care requirement? And how can we look after that? The answers to these questions are the starting points for giving every end user a less-stressful future. Our drive? To continue improving care. For everybody, every day. As we have already been doing for over 35 years.

All CLB products are developed, produced and managed in-house. This gives us the highest level of quality control and ultimate flexibility.


CLB Integrated Solutions

CLB Integrated Solutions is focused on being an integrator and services specialist for system integration, maintenance, management and service of our innovative care solutions.

CLB bv

CLB Gebouw De Rijp

Development and production takes place at CLB bv in De Rijp, from where international sales activities and dealer support are also carried out.


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Our mission is to ensure sustainable growth by providing innovative solutionsthat result in complete customer satisfaction for healthcare institutions, caregivers and all the people they serve.


‘Improve care by innovation’

We bring together the best technology, products, knowledge and services to deliver what our customers and our society truly deserve: the best possible care solution.


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